Zaks Auctions

no frills | all the thrills


come and join us | check out what we have for auction | if you have never been to an auction ~ then come, snoop - be curious and be daring! we dare you:  place a bid and feel good about it because you will.

who we are...

in short, we are just like you.

we are an auction company that has been exactly where you are.  we have bought from auctions, consigned to auctions, liquidated to auctions.  we have been there and we understand what it is like to be a buyer, consignor, giver and receiver.

we are located in Edmonton Alberta and would love to have you join us in buying and selling with us!


sniff around here and see, feel, the difference of an auction with a personalized touch.  we are real, down-to-earth and enjoy what we do!





consignor for charities