there is lots to know for auctions.

what is an auction?

an auction is a marketplace platform which connects the buyers and the sellers anonymously.  it allows for secrecy for the buyer(bidder) and the seller (consignor)

why is there a bidders premium?

bidders premium is an industry standard fee, charged to the buyer, on top of the hammer 'sold' price.  think of it as a privacy connection fee, auction set-up fee, brick and mortar fee, tech services fee, wage fee, marketing fee, the list goes on and on.  there is a lot work to set up an auction and these fees attribute towards it

what is pre-bidding?

pre-bidding, proxy bidding, pre-emptive bidding: allows a bidder to place a bid on the item prior to the auction going live.  it is also the most well-used method of placing your maximum bid.  placing your maximum bid does not mean the item will start at that price, it only means you are telling the auction that is YOUR highest bid you agree to.  it is confidential, not even the auction knows what your maximum is, only you and Live Auction World (iCollector)

i am the consignor, can i bid on my own items?

no.  morally, ethically it is wrong and frowned upon.  we do not support artificial bidding in any format: artificially bidding, on your own or another's item, is forbidden.  artificial bidding is bidding without the intent to purchase. 

i've won, now what?

you will receive an email with your invoice attached (including shipping fees if you selected to have your items shipped).  pay your invoice by your chosen payment method and schedule a pick-up or we will ship it to you.  easy peasy!

my item is damaged, refund please?

um, no.  items from auctions are sold with the "as is" policy.  This means, buyer beware.  there is no exceptions, unless the consignor has offered a guarantee/warranty with the item.  in this case we will connect with the consignor and make things happen for you. always ask the auction house questions before placing a bid.  a good auction house responds quickly and honestly.